Blockchain Institute & Technology

A dynamic brand for a revolutionary business


Blockchain Institute & Technology (BIT) is an academic institution that was created with the purpose of becoming an international reference in disruptive technology training programs. Its methodology is based on OpenEducationLab studies where the student lives a transforming and immersive experience.


Our work

Zephyr participated since day one of the creation of the brand. We developed a complete brand identity, stationery and communication material.


The logotype is composed of two elements: logotype and wordmark. They both stand between a line that provides them equal importance to represent the brand, and also enables their separation.


The main colors in BIT’s identity are blue and gray tones which reflect credibility and professionality. This palette of a cold spectrum has an impactful contrast with the vibrant complementary palette used for digital media.


Based on OpenEducationLab studies, Blockchain Institute & Technology (BIT) developed a series of Executive Programs where the student could specialize in a disruptive technology of their choice. We created attractive print and web brochures to promote these programs.

Art Direction, Branding, Editorial Design