A brand that flows with the mind & body's energy


Yangsheng is an ancient Taoist philosophy oriented to healing illnesses, preserving our body’s health and developing our physical and spiritual potential.

We created a brand identity for an alternative medicine center where body and soul rise through Yangsheng and improves people’s health and quality of life.


Our work

Zephyr participated in the naming process for the brand and developed a fresh and versatile identity that connected the target audience.

The logotype we made resembles the ying yang symbol that represents energetic balance. This symbol is constructed by organic shapes made by the deformed letters Y and S.


The five elements are deeply involved in Chinese culture and are divided into five groups that represent patterns in nature and energy types. Each of these groups provide a blueprint that diagrams how nature interacts with our bodies and how the different dimensions of our being impact each other.

For the brand we decided to take advantage of these colors to create a chromatic system that is functional and supports their symbolic nature.


Yangsheng offers multiple lectures and practical classes to immerse their customers deeper into Chinese Medicine treatments and martial arts.

We developed a versatile design grid for posters and flyers.


On digital platforms we created diverse templates that were functional for each individual social network.

Art Direction, Branding