Zephyr /ˈzefə(r)/: a gentle, mild breeze. It doesn’t bother or messes your hair up. It just brings a fresh pleasant sensation on a warm summer day.”

Zephyr is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain founded by Roger Sellabona & Liliana Aristizábal. We specialize in brand identity, art direction and design of communication assets. We love color, clean layouts and good typography. This is the essence of who we are. We define our work as a perceptive process that reaches its greatest expression through the simplicity of its execution. We aim to build and enlighten brands transforming ideas into communicative graphics that connect solid concepts with our core values: creativity, aesthetics & functionality. We take care of every step of the design process by working closely with our clients, big or small, in one-to-one relationships.


We trust our talent, experience and energy to enjoy every single collaboration we work on.
That’s why we are Zephyr.

Lili Aristizábal

Passionate about music, design and healthy living. After graduating in advertising and gaining a professional background as a photography producer in Colombia, she moves to Barcelona to focus on graphic design and art direction. Outstanding in branding and editorial design, she nourishes each project with the precision and visual balance required.

Roger Sellabona

Born and raised in Barcelona, he is a superhero, music and image enthusiast. With a wide experience and education based on creativity and advertising, he now focuses his career towards art direction and graphic design. Due to this previous stage, he brings a creative and strategic perspective that takes design closer to the business objective of each client and project.