Mambo Avocado

Making avocado look as good as it tastes


Due to its climate, thermal floors and fertile land, Colombia is the third largest avocado producer in the world. Atila Foods, a colombian company with satellite office in Mumbai, decided to introduce premium avocado derived products into India’s highly competitive gastronomic market. Zephyr was assigned to create the whole brand, starting with an appealing naming to packaging labels and social media assets.


Our Work

We came up with the name Mambo, a brand born from the concept that surrounds Latin American’s celebrations, folklore, parties and authentic joy that characterizes its culture. Through the naming we set an original, young and spontaneous tone for the audience in India, who are in constant search for surprise and enjoyment to share a meal with their dearest ones.


For the logotype we worked with a consistent, rounded typeface to create a strong wordmark in perfect balance. With the letters’ bold and geometric shapes and carefully crafted spacing we transmit closeness and youth, both important traits of the brand. The brand and its product portfolio shows its native roots translated into healthy, convenient and delicious avocado derived products. Each one of our products has its own Wordmark and logomark.


Based on a minimal and simplified silhouette of an avocado we have created our logomark’s symbol. This composition offers an appealing visual game that serves as an essential element for the assets of the whole graphic identity.

Naming, Packaging, Merchandising, Art Direction, Branding