Co-creating meaning around children nutrition


feelfoodflow is a platform that offers customized educational content about maternal-child nutrition. Combining responsive feeding and Montessori methodologies it goes one step further, and contributes to the social and cognitive development of infants in their early months and opens a door to creativity.

feelfoodflow works with experts and brands to offer the best collaborative service and marketplace for parents and families. Providing access to curated products and services feelfoodflow serves as a valuable resource for their learning process as new parents to make it a fulfilling experience.


Nuestro trabajo

Zephyr was lucky to bring this project to life by creating its branding and visual identity. Due to its digital nature and oriented to an educated and connected audience constantly in touch with online communication, we knew that we had to create a brand identity that was minimalist yet powerful, timeless, gender neutral and most of all, that stood out from other competitors and similar platforms.

The wordmark logo that we created was a huge hit, because of its geometric and balanced shapes it transmits the freshness and bold, digital character of the brand. On both of its versions, the logotype is dynamic as the brand’s target: today’s families.

Without a doubt, color is one of the most recognizable aspects of our brand identity. feelfoodflow’s palette speaks for itself: we are bright, warm, vibrant and joyful. Color and contrast bring our personality to life. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive brand.

Additionally, we took part in the art direction and creation of multiple templates for social media and the newsletter through which they offer content about parenting and other topics related to maternal-child nutrition. On these assets photography and typesetting is crucial and play an important role to reinforce the brand’s visual identity.

Merchandising, Art Direction, Branding, Digital & Web