Roure Foundation’s Annual Report

A visually appealing report that showcases a social organization's story


Roure Foundation is a private, non-profit organization. Its mission is to accompany people who are in a precarious situation so that they are as self sufficient as possible and can carry out their daily life. The Foundation has 9 solidary and assistance projects for families and elders from the Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona.


Our work

For the past three years we have developed the Foundation’s Annual Report. This publication is made for partners / donors where the whole years’ achievements are collected, and the staff’s and volunteers’ work is highlighted


For the three reports, Zephyr has created a clean and dynamic styled layout that shows the projects’ most relevant results and the essence of the Foundation. The “Roure” (word for “oak” in Catalan) has been used as a base element for the report: its roots and fruits symbolize the people involved in the entity’s social labour. When seen together, the reports create a “graphic series” under the same aesthetic, nevertheless, each one is enriched with individual details.

Art Direction, Editorial Design