Escola Concertada

An inclusive branding for a catalan schools organisation


Escola Concertada represents 30% of Catalonia’s elementary and high school student body enrolled in approximately 700 state subsidized centers. This network has plurality as their main value in education, and offer a social initiative that contributes to make Catalonia a more innovative, equitable and solidary place.


Our work

One of Escola Concertada’s values is proximity and closeness to its students. Zephyr was asked to create a powerful and memorable symbol using the letter C, which generates trust in young parents to register their children in state subsidized schools.


We created a symbol that when seen from above, resembles a person with his/her arms open to give a hug and therefore delivered a logo that reinforces the welcoming and conciliatory essence of the brand. We developed a strong identity through typography, color and gradients and provided a fresh and vibrant brand to gain Catalonia’s young parents and families’ attention.

Art Direction, Branding, Digital & Web