Housetex Homes

A memorable identity for a competitive market


Housetex Homes LLC is a construction and Real Estate company focused on providing family homes and communities in the Houston area.


Our work

Zephyr provided comprehensive work which included a complete conceptual development of the brand, visual identity, and communication material.

By using the X in Housetex as a resource we found a triangular shape that represents a house’s roof. By desintegrating the X we created an organic and versatile (almost 3D) shape that becomes a powerful & memorable symbol.


The chromatic proposal is based on warm tones with stone-gray and turquoise blue accents that contrast elegantly. This palette is created to mix and match the blue and neutral tones throughout the brand’s communication and visual identity.


The symbol of the house integrates perfectly with the angle of the X, creating a sophisticated, minimalist and fresh logotype. We used a rounded-shaped font to contrast the sharp edges of the symbol and combined with thinner strokes to add on fluidness and personality.

Art Direction, Branding